Good escorts are ones that work for an escort agency and their main job is to escort clients to an event and give him some good time.

Whenever you choose escorts through an escort agency the escort agency provides the link between the clients to the escort so you can be sure that you will get whatever you have ordered. Many think that escorts are just for wealthy people – it might have been correct a few decades ago but not today – in fact, part of those girls that work as escorts are doing a striptease show in bachelor parties and other events.

If a couple of years ago all the escort industry was In the grey area and not acceptable, then I these days it has become very common. Escort agencies employ escorts from different ethnic background, different heights and weights to be able to accommodate themselves to the requests and needs of each and every one of their potential customers.

A good escort agency will train and screen its escorts so that they will be able to come out of bad situations, know when to speak and when to back off, give them manner lessons and in general just check that the girl is fit to work and provide escorts. Another important advantage that escort agencies have in contrary to freelance escorts is that those girls that provide escort through an escort agency is checked for diseases daily and screened for reliability since there is nothing worse than an escort that will blackmail you – escorts that work through an escort agency will always be well-dressed and will always know how to respond to different situations that can arise during an escort – this is exactly why when calling an escort it is recommended to do it only through a good escort service.